Let's evaluate your job situation.

Relationships can be rocky, especially when it comes to your job. Ups and downs are perfectly normal, but there's a point when you need to decide your next steps and quit your job. Are you happy in this career? Are you challenged enough — or should you change jobs? It's time to evaluate your choices. 

Is it time for a career change?

Take our free career quiz to find out whether or not a career change might be right for you. 

Question 1: It's Monday morning. What's your first thought?

  1. “Look out world, I'm ready to tackle a new week!”

  2. “Is it Friday yet?”

Question 2: Does your current job fit in with your long-term career goals?

  1. Yes, I'm on the right path to success.

  2. Let's just say I've hit a bump in the road.

  3. This might not be my dream job, but it'll help me get where I want to go.

  4. I've been on a detour and I don't know how to course-correct. 

Question 3: Are you working hard or hardly working... at work?

  1. I'm working hard and loving it.

  2. I've got lots of time to search for a new job… at my job…

  3. It comes in waves, but when it's busy, things are great.

  4. I'm drowning and feeling burned out at work, please send help!

Question 4: Does your company offer opportunities to develop new skills and advance?

  1. Yes they do! (tuition reimbursement, management development programs, training/education)

  2. Unfortunately, no. 

Question 5: What do you think about your co-workers?

  1. I'd invite them to my wedding!

  2. I avoid my co-workers at all costs!

  3. We work well together, but don't really socialize outside of work.

  4. Let's just say I hope none of them ask for a referral.

Question 6: Do you feel you're well-compensated for your work?

  1. Yes, my pay is competitive, and I can easily negotiate salary with my employer.

  2. I'm definitely undervalued and not paid my worth.

Question 7: You've got a few minutes between meetings. What do you do?

  1. Send out a few quick work emails.

  2. Surf job boards on my phone.

  3. Prep for my next meeting.

  4. Watch puppy videos online.

Question 8: Describe your boss in one word.

  1. Supportive.

  2. Tyrant.

  3. Inspiring.

  4. Micromanager.

If you answered mostly 1's and 3's … 

Don't hand in your resignation just yet.

While you may not be 100% satisfied with your job right now, it sounds like there's still room for you to improve and grow where you are. Click here to check out some career help to help you make the best out of your current situation while you plot for a future change.

If you answered mostly 2's and 4's … 

It's time to make a move!

These days no job is forever, and it sounds like it might be time for you to move on to greener, happier, and more successful pastures! We've created a free plan to help jump-start your job search today and get to that next great job faster. Click here to download your free job-search plan now!

Before you can make your next career move, you need a resume that will help you — not hurt you. Our expert resume writers can help. 

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