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For many jobs in academia, you must use your Curriculum Vitae as your primary career tool. Your academic CV is specialized and unique to your career experience, and needs state your expertise under standards of your industry in a clean, balanced visual presentation.

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Your academic CV may have only up to 90 seconds to get the point across.

That’s not a lot of time, so you want use it wisely. You want to make sure your key career highlights, such as a your former places of work, a list of your publications, and grants and achievements you’ve won are conveyed clearly.

Not only that, the order in which you present this information matters in regard to the type of job you are targeting. The important stuff, which is what makes your application stand out from the rest, needs to jump off the page. A professionally written academic CV will do exactly that.

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Reading time for an average academic CV

Few people read an academic CV for more than 90 seconds before making a decision.

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