Cheers to beers, and the jobs that come with them.

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and that makes everyone think of leprechauns, all things green and beer. Yes, sometimes even the beer itself is green. If you're a fan of the suds, you've probably dreamed of a brewery job.

Of course, the first thing you probably think of is growing a big, shaggy beard (if you're a guy) and becoming the head brewer. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not the only way to get into this awesome industry.

Here are eight cool brewery jobs that are out there for beer lovers who want to join the party.

1. Tour Guide.

What could be better than talking to people about beer all day, every day? A beer tour guide could mean a couple of things, actually. Most breweries offer in-house tours where visitors can learn about the brewery's history and get an up-close-and-personal look at the operation. As a tour guide in a brewery, you'd be responsible for learning the brewery's history and methods for brewing and take the eager visitors on the educational tour. Frequently, people in brewery job can  also serve in other areas of the brewery such as tap room bartenders/servers or merchandise clerks.

What's better than giving tours of a brewery? How about leading tours to multiple breweries? With the boom of the craft brewing industry, certain cities have many craft breweries within minutes of each other. Asheville, North Carolina is a city with less than 90,000 residents, yet it boasts over 30 local breweries. Visitors can choose from a number of different beer tour options to check out a bunch of them while not having to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

2. Beer Journalist.

People make a living writing about beer? Yes. How cool is that? Publications like Beer Advocate need people to write the great stuff that fills their pages. For this beer job, you may have to sample many styles of beer and possible travel to big beer events and crazy cool beer destinations. It also helps if you have a knack for using the written word to craft fun-to-read articles.

3. Brand Ambassador.

For many companies, these beer jobs or brewery jobs are a fancy name for sales. But, you do get to do more than just knock on doors. Beer tasting events and other fun things might require your presence. Your job? Being an ambassador for your brand. Teach people about what your brand does differently and what makes it awesome. Give away free swag. Like any sales position, there is a lot of competition and it's far from stress-free, but there are a lot of cool perks. Plus, instead of saying, “I sell insurance,” you can say, “I'm a brand ambassador for the coolest brewing company around.” Very nice.

4. Graphic Designer.

Have you seen the artwork on craft beer labels lately? The artwork behind a brewery's image is taken very seriously these days and that means they're not afraid to hire professionals with a good eye to create it for them. This might be a brewery job that's hard to get, but if you have an awesome portfolio and you can create awesome looking labels, packaging and websites, you might be in luck. Just check out the fun stuff graphic artist Conrad Garner creates for Coppertail Brewing. How fun is that?

5. Homebrew Store Owner.

It's not just the commercial breweries that are making great beers these days. Homebrewing has come a long way in recent years. Homebrewing clubs and competitions are everywhere and these people are fanatical about making great beer. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and love beer, the homebrew game could be the way to go. You'd have your own store that helps provide the hops, grains and equipment these garage maestros need to brew their heavenly creations. You'll get to talk beer all day long and probably get a lot of free samples along the way. Score!

6. Draft Beer Technician.

Draft beer is a lot more finicky than many people realize. It needs to be stored at the right temperatures and be served properly. Perhaps the most important part of the beer's journey from creation to your mouth is from the keg to the glass. If a tavern doesn't properly maintain those beer lines and keep everything sanitary, it can ruin a good brew faster than that guy with the giant foam finger in front of you can ruin your night out at the game. A draft beer technician is the guru who helps maintain those lines and other equipment, usually hired by a beer distributor. Why would they pay out good money for someone to do that and not just make the bar be responsible? Because if their beer comes out stinky or off-flavored, customers don't blame the bar, they blame the beer. A good draft beer technician is a vital part of quality control. A perfect beer job for that perfectionist with a high technical aptitude.

7. Brewery Ingredient Sales.

Just like a great chef needs good ingredients to create those amazing dishes, breweries need the raw materials to create their magic as well. These days, it goes far beyond hops, malted barley and yeast. Breweries are experimenting with everything from oak chips to herbs to fruit peels. A Brewery Ingredient Sales rep is just what it sounds like. This brewery job means you'd make your living going to breweries and convincing them to utilize your products to make their beer. You'd also get to push new and innovative ingredients, which can be fun and build a relationship with all your favorite breweries. Perks galore.

8. Social Media Specialist.

The beer industry hasn't resisted social media, it has fully embraced it as a great way to reach their customers. That means they hire social media specialists to create their Tweets, Facebook posts, Youtube videos and Instagram pics. With social media, you do more than just advertise, you interact with your brewery's fans and build relationships. For those with a savvy marketing mind and social media skills, it's like playing online everyday while boosting your favorite beer. How many “Likes” is that worth?

So while you're out enjoying yourself this St. Patrick's Day, go ahead and have brew. Then, pause and think about how that beer got into your hand. Someone grew those ingredients. A sales rep sold them to a brewery where they were made into beer. Another sales person sold the beer to the bar you're standing in that, luckily for you, has perfectly maintained beer lines. Wouldn't it be cool to be a part of that? Check out one of the industry's special job sites and join the party with brewery jobs or beer jobs. No beard required.

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