A professionally written resume won't break your wallet, and it ultimately will help you earn more.

We get it — money doesn't grow on trees, especially when you're in the middle of your job search with seemingly no end in sight. The money you've earned and saved is important for you, and you need to make sound financial decisions in order to survive and thrive in modern-day society. One good financial decision you can make? Investing in your professional self with a professionally written resume designed to cut down your job-search time and help you ultimately earn more once you land the job offer. That's where we come in.

Is a professionally written resume worth it? 

According to a study conducted by TopResume, a professionally written resume gives job seekers a competitive edge over those who use a self-written resume, with those who received a professionally written resume having reported finding a job at a 32 percent higher rate. The study also revealed that those professionals with a rewritten resume were expected to earn seven percent more than those who used a DIY resume. 

And the initial investment into an expertly written resume isn't as much as you might think. Whether we like to admit it or not, we spend a lot of money in our daily lives. From the essentials — like food — to making sure we have a streaming service with our favorite shows, we spend money all the time — just usually not all at once. How does this translate to a professionally written resume? Let us break it down: TopResume's Professional Growth package costs the same, on average, as: 

  • 36 grande cups of Starbuck's Caffe Mocha

  • 16 movie tickets  

  • 11 months' worth of Netflix 

  • 10 bottles of red wine 

  • 2.5 months of a gym membership

  • 2.5 weeks' worth of eating take out 

  • 2 trips to Target 

  • A one-day pass to Disney World's Epcot park

While coffee will give you a limited caffeine buzz and your trip to Target probably resulted in some unnecessary purchases, a professionally written resume gives back what you pay and then some. Not only do professionals with an expertly written resume earn seven percent more than those without, but 42 percent also reported moving onto a higher-level position — and a higher-level position usually also means a higher salary.   

Essentially, your initial investment turns into profitable gain — which means plenty of takeout, bottles of wine, and ever-lasting Netflix bingeing for you to enjoy as you reap the benefits of your hard-earned money. 

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about TopResume's services today and start earning the money you deserve. 

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