Should you trust every free resume critique service you come across?

Take a look at your resume. What would you change about it? What are the areas of strength, and where does it come up short? I'm sure you have a strong opinion – positive or negative.

Here's something to consider, though: Your opinion about your resume is subjective and, in a way, irrelevant. The opinion that truly matters is that of a hiring manager, and you may not know what you need to do to make sure that hiring manager's opinion of your resume is a positive one.

A free resume critique online, however, provides the foundational, expert opinion that knows your industry, knows hiring managers' needs, and knows how to make your resume the best it can be.

Why a resume critique?

Some people may think a resume critique isn't helpful or offers outdated, inaccurate information. We're here to clarify these myths. TopResume offers a free resume critique that provides a third-party, objective view of your resume, taking into account industry trends, insights, and best practices.

Here are the facts you need to know concerning TopResume's resume critiques.

They provide an unbiased perspective on your resume

Like we mentioned above, your opinion of your resume isn't what will get you the job. Therefore, a second set of eyes (without bias) can be a great way to get feedback. When providing a resume critique, TopResume offers an in-depth, informed opinion to judge its strength, effectiveness, and strategy.

They provide specific details and examples from your resume

It is fair to expect specific details and examples from the text to source information to support the critique, and TopResume provides this in their free resume review. For example, we will refer to a particular section of your resume, such as your skills section or your professional summary, and provide feedback specific to that area.

They focus on strategy

Your resume is a strategic document, and it should be specifically crafted to present you as the strongest possible candidate. One of the most important ways this is accomplished is through the way it is written —  whether or not it includes action verbs, keywords to beat applicant tracking systems (ATS), and details that tell the hiring manager the impact you made in your previous roles. Additionally, your resume needs to be formatted appropriately so that it is visually appealing, but without letting design be a distraction.

A resume critique will focus on all of this, providing feedback on how your document can strategically work to improve your job application and land you more interviews.

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They give constructive criticism

A good online resume critique is not meant to simply tear your resume apart and make you feel like you could never rework it yourself. A TopResume critique will show you the weak areas of your resume, explain how they can be strengthened, and provide details on how improving the areas will benefit your resume and, ultimately, you. It's not just about a quick fix — it's about equipping you with the knowledge that will help you in your job search.

Final thoughts: the benefits of a resume critique online

The bottom line is this: When done correctly, an online resume critique should be the foundation to the process for improving your resume, whether you choose to do it yourself or turn to a professional resume writer, like one of TopResume's. The critique should provide insights that you couldn't see yourself, not just observations. After all, that's what expert feedback is all about. Ultimately, it should be a starter tool you can use to strengthen your resume.

Not all online resume critiques are created equal, however. Pay attention to resume-critique services that provide accurate, objective value and meet the criteria outlined above. The top resume writing services will do this, providing proven strategies and insights and even offering sample resumes and career advice for job seekers to consider.

There's enough stress and uncertainty involved in a job search. Don't let a resume critique contribute to more. Choose a free resume critique designed to be helpful.

TopResume's free critiques provide expert, objective feedback on your resume. Find out where you stand and submit for a resume critique today.

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