Our employees wanted to see how their work affects our customers, so we had them read real customer reviews.

From reassuring overwhelmed job seekers to writing a “brilliant” resume that leaves professionals more than satisfied, we love to see our customers' confidence levels go up after receiving their new resume and land the job they've been dreaming of.


Erin: “Right after posting my new resume, I got a call for a position that was exactly what I was looking for. The hiring manager even said that he was impressed by my resume. I know it played a huge role in landing my dream position. Emily.”

Erin: We're so happy you're in your new dream position; everybody should be in their dream position. If you're out there not in your dream position, what are you doing? Start dreaming. Get a position, get a resume done. Come to us, we'll help you out. We'll fix it.

Jenna: “I've been out of the job market since 1997 and I had no clue how to present myself. Issac revamped my sadly outdated resume and brought it out of the stone age into 2018. I'm now a lot closer to finding the perfect job for me.”

Jenna: Mary, welcome to 2018, we've been waiting for you. And what a way to kick off the year, you're a lot closer to finding the perfect job for you. That's amazing.

Jerome: “I'm a single mom who's been out of the workforce for too long. I felt completely overwhelmed by my job search. Just want to say thank you and your company is amazing.”

Jerome: Rachel, we are delighted that we could help ease your mind and simplify your job search.

Amanda: “As someone who usually does things like this themselves, I am very happy with the immediate results I've gotten from my new resume. The whole process felt like a collaboration and more importantly, I'm now able to change careers with confidence.”

Amanda: I love this one because I get it. The resume feels really personal but what I love, Sheila, is that you got that you're good at what you do, and resume writers are good at what they do.

Patrick: “I look at my resume every night before I go to bed because it makes me so happy. I feel like the more I read, the more I understand the mysteries of the universe. It's just brilliant.”

Patrick: The only thing I have to say is I might start reading your resume before bed too because that sounds amazing.

Be your own success story. Team up with TopResume and our network of expert resume writers to get more out of your job search and land the interviews you deserve.

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