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As Mother's Day approaches, more coverage is being given to the difficulties that surround working mothers. For example, even today, many companies and organizations do not offer any sort of maternity leave, and in general, moms can find it challenging to balance work and familial demands.

But today we want to highlight some companies that do understand what it takes to be a working mom and have subsequently altered their environments to give their employees peace of mind. These companies are some of the best workplaces for moms and moms-to-be.

1. Google

Google's workplace stories are legendary: endless snacks, nap rooms, free massages, etc. And moms can certainly benefit from all these things. But what really makes Google one of the best workplaces for moms is their family-leave policy. New moms get 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, and new dads get six weeks off, also paid. That's well above the U.S. average of six weeks for moms and none for dads. Google also provides their employees with “baby-bonding bucks” to help offset expenses like diapers, food, and formula during the leave. Once parents return to work, Google offers free on-site daycare for the children.

2. Facebook

Another renowned Silicon Valley giant, Facebook is one of the best workplaces for moms because it offers all parents — moms, dads, or adopted parents — four months of paid time off. Similar to Google, Facebook offers “baby cash” of $4,000. In addition to these benefits that they offer to their full-time employees, last year they improved their benefits for contractors, offering paid days off and $4,000 to new parents.

3. Johnson & Johnson

It's fitting that a company that markets to new moms also makes plenty of time for them with their employee policies. At Johnson & Johnson, new moms have been given seven to nine weeks off for maternity leave. However, they recently updated their policy so that all new parents have an additional eight weeks of time off — and it was applied retroactively. The best part about this policy is that the additional time can be taken at any time in the first year of the child's life, and not necessarily all at once. Johnson & Johnson is one of the best workplaces for moms because it also provides a concierge-type milk delivery service for nursing mothers who are away on business. Surely they also get tons of free samples.

4. General Mills

With women making up nearly 50 percent of their workforce, General Mills (parent of Kraft, Cascadian Farm, and many others) prides itself on investing in their employees for the long haul and being one of the best workplaces for moms. They have on-site childcare and offer discounts at nearby childcare facilities. Their employee-assistance program helps find medical specialists and childcare providers. For new parents, they offer paid maternity leave, $10,000 in adoption aid, and up to 26 weeks off after a birth or adoption, job guaranteed.

5. Virgin Group

Virgin Group, founded by Richard Branson, has possibly the most generous family leave policy of all. In addition to flexible working schedules, they offer parents who have been employees for four years or more an entire year off of work — paid. Those who have been there two years can do the same, but they'll receive 25 percent of their salary.

6. CA Technologies

CA Technologies is a software company that invests in a happy work-life balance for its employees. In addition to paid family leave for the birth, adoption, or placement of a child, they offer a phase-back program for parents who have been on family leave so they can transition back to work. They pay for summer and holiday camps for employees' children, and they provide on-site enrollment at the CA Montessori Children's Center for children six weeks to six years old. They also offer unlimited vacation time and allow flexibility for employees to work from home.

7. Avon

Avon's workforce is 66 percent women, so you'd expect them to be a mom-friendly workplace. They offer 10 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks for adoptive parents — two reasons it's one of the best workplaces for women. They also provide $10,000 in adoption aid and up to $114,000 to help with IVF. Over 80 percent of their employees benefit from a flexible work schedule, meaning they can set their own hours around their family's schedules. If a babysitter cancels, no sweat — Avon provides backup childcare up to 20 days a year. Plus, as a part of their Women Empowered program, employees who want to pursue higher education can receive $5,200 in tuition aid per year.

8. Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is often on “best employer” lists for good reason. Their time-off package includes 12 weeks FMLA leave per year. Employees can use their paid sick time to care for a sick child, and even new employees get three weeks of paid vacation time. They will reimburse up to $20,000 for adoption expenses, and they partner with local-center-based and home-based childcare services for employees' children. Their program, called Work-Life Services, gives employees and dependents free access to confidential consultation services on topics like parenting, caregiving, financial issues, and education. And their Mothers At Work program gives discounts on breast pumps and free counseling from board-certified lactation specialists 24/7.

9. Zoetis

Several of the top-ranking execs of Zoetis, an animal health company, are also raising families, which is probably a factor in why this company is one of the best workplaces for moms. They offer flexible working schedules to their employees, 80 percent of whom take advantage of this offering. They, too, offer 15 days of backup childcare, and while they don't have on-site childcare, they'll pay $10,000 per year in tuition to childcare facilities. They also provide a 500-member Women's Council that hosts workshops and webinars specifically for female leaders with families.

10. Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young has received plenty of recognition lately for its change in parental leave just this year. They're now offering 16 weeks paid leave for all parents. They also offer $25,000 per couple for fertility treatments, surrogacy, adoption, or egg-freezing expenses. Nursing moms will find on-site lactation rooms and milk-delivery services while they're traveling. On-site parenting seminars are available, covering a variety of topics from exercise to discipline. 95 percent of Ernst & Young employees take advantage of flexible work schedules, and if they have to work overtime, the company pays the childcare bill.

Creating a mom-friendly workplace is becoming more of a priority than it has been in recent years. Although there are still strides to be made in many aspects of women's careers, it's refreshing to see companies that are leading the way in becoming the best workplaces for moms. If you're an expectant mother and your company is not on the list, make sure you've read our piece on negotiating maternity leave.

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