Phew. The interview's over. Now what?

You may just want to find the nearest couch and collapse — but don't actually. You still have work to do because now you have to follow up with your interviewers. Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert for TopResume, shared some key interview follow-up tips with Business Insider.

“I know clients who were told point-blank they didn't get the job because they didn't follow up after the interview,”  Augustine admits.

Here's how to make sure you're not that person.

Bring on the business cards

Even before you leave the building, gather business cards from each interviewer. You'll need all that contact information when you go to reach out to your interviewers and anyone else from the company after the interview.

Always write a thank-you note after a job interview

A survey conducted by Accountemps found that 91% of hiring managers say receiving an interview thank-you note has a positive impact on the interviewee's candidacy. In other words, if you're not properly following up after each interview, you're hurting your chances of landing the job.

Send a customized thank-you letter or email to each interviewer within 24 hours of the interview. It will catch their attention and will keep your candidacy at the top of their minds when it arrives a few days after the interview.

Make it personal

When it comes to interviews, LinkedIn is your best friend during the job search. Send a tailored connection request a day or two after you email your thank-you note. Your personal message doesn't have to be long. You only have 300 characters, so simply express your gratitude for their time and your interest in the role.

Pace yourself with the follow up

Make sure your subsequent follow-ups match the employer's timeline for making a hiring decision. There's a fine line between enthusiastic and annoying, and you never want to appear confrontational or desperate. Follow up approximately one week after you send your thank-you note, assuming you haven't heard back.

Remember, how you handle the post-interview process is just as important as how you performed during the actual interview. I know clients who were told they didn't get the job simply because they didn't follow up after the interview. Don't be that person, and instead take the necessary post-interview steps to success by following up after the interview.

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