Calling all moms! Here are the best part-time jobs you might want to look into.

If being a full-time mom isn't enough for you, you're not alone. Just Google “being a mom isn't enough for me” and you'll land on page after page of Mommy Blogs capturing that very message. It's not enough for most of us — and that's OK.

While there's enough work for mom's to go around, it's simply not fulfilling enough for many, which has many mothers looking for something else. Having a side gig that's separate from your regular mom life is the perfect antidote. Part-time jobs can be fun, social, and a great way for you to have your own identity (again).

If you're looking to itch the scratch and go earn some cash, we've got you covered! We've rounded up the best part-time jobs for want-to-be working moms.

1. Direct Sales

Every time I look, one of my mom friends has launched a direct sales business. There are so many direct sales companies and they were made for moms, by moms, making them some of the best jobs to take on during motherhood. From Tupperware and PartyLite to Mary Kay and Stella and Dot, there's truly something for everybody. You'd also “own your own business” so you learn about sales, marketing, and accounting, and present to groups of women in their homes which means your public speaking and presentation skills will sharpen. You would be in charge of your success, your commitment, and best of all — all on your time.

2. Temp Agency

Staffing agencies are excellent for working mothers. If you're not familiar, a staffing agency hires temporary workers and then dispatches those workers to various job sites and companies in the local area on an as-needed basis. As a worker, you'd be employed by the agency and then loaned out to their customers. Depending on what your current skills are, you'd be placed within an area of interest and ability to you. Agencies are fantastic for moms because they provide flexible hours, diverse work tasks, and new (and exciting) work environments. The best part about staffing agencies is that the mixture of work, environments, and tasks equates to increased skills, networking, and overall exposure — which look great on the resume.

3. Volunteer Work

If your desire to return to work isn't about the money, then volunteering is an option for you. Being able to give back to your community, help others, and do something that is beyond “self” breeds gratitude, mindfulness, and happiness. Aside from all the happiness you'd be feeling, it's a wonderful example to teach your children about community responsibility. Volunteering is a great option for moms because you can set your own hours and choose your level of commitment. As moms, we have a limited bandwidth, so it's crucial to identify exactly how much time is enough to be away from your family. If you can find a volunteer opportunity that links back to your family like sports, community, or arts then all the better.

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4. Passion Project

If there's some project that's been inkling away at you, there's no better time than the present. Having a side project that you are passionate about ignites your creativity, determination, and passion — and your kids will reap the benefits of an energized mama. Passion projects could be writing on the side, painting, cooking, starting a business, whatever you desire! Think of it this way: What would you do for free? Do that.

To be a better mom we all need to take care of ourselves first, and sometimes that requires looking into part-time jobs. In my opinion, it means treating yourself like an individual, not just Mom.

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