Keep the momentum going after the job interview with the perfect follow up.

So, you submitted your beautifully crafted resume, made it through the pre-screening phone call and had the interview. You think it went well, but there was no mention of an offer and now you're wondering what to do. Job searching is a job in and of itself but unlike a good job, there is no handy training manual. Post interview etiquette is very important and your behavior during this stage of the hiring process may very well make or break your chances of securing a job offer.  Here are four things you should absolutely do:

1) Thank your interviewers

It is very good protocol to find out the contact information for each and every person who interviewed you and send them a personalized thank you card or email the day following your interview. Make sure to address them by name, thank them for their time, and mention something they said in the interview. It is fine to restate your interest in the position as well, however you should thank your interviewer even if you don't want the job. Your job search is part of your personal brand, and thank you's say you are dignified, professional and grateful.

2) Circle back with the recruiter

Whether the interview was arranged by an in-house recruiter, third party recruiter or HR Manager, if the person who set up the interview was not the same person who interviewed you, make a point of circling back with them. This is not only a common (or uncommon) courtesy, but it can also allow the recruiter to communicate any concerns that came up and allow you a chance to overcome the objections.

3) Follow up

Hopefully you will have received some idea of the hiring timeframe in your interview. It is perfectly appropriate to reach out if you haven't heard back to inquire as to the decision making process and restate your interest. Do not follow up excessively, or demand responses (this will not help your cause) but be polite and respectful.

4) Continue to search

Regardless of what was said in the interview or how well you think it went, until you have a written job offer in hand you do not have a job, so consider yourself a free agent and continue to network and apply for jobs. The worst thing that can happen is you will have two offers (or more) to choose from.

At the end of the day, it's all about professionalism, which is why you should never, ever engage in the big post interview etiquette don't. Do NOT talk about your interview on social media. If you are positive, you risk sounding presumptuous and negative talk has cost more than one hapless applicant the job. (Recruiters use social media!).  So good luck, and happy interviewing!

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