With more attention being put on climate change and the environment, more companies are hiring for green careers.

The need for people with the knowledge to help them be responsible to the environment is continuing to grow. The rest of this post shows the number and types of jobs in the clean energy industry as of Q2 2015, by sector according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; Environmental Entrepreneurs in a survey titled 'Clean Jobs America - Environmental Entrepreneurs'.

If clean energy is an area of interest for you, these careers are worth looking into. Here are five popular green jobs that you might want to pursue.

Environmental Scientists

A few tasks that environmental scientists will be needed for include studying the effects of population growth, as well as working with businesses and other organizations that will need help following environmental laws and avoiding running into any environmental issues when starting new projects.

Green Building Professionals

People that build, design and maintain green buildings will also be in demand. Architects, engineers, urban planners, auditors and more will be responsible for running every part of these green buildings, including waste and water systems, energy, and landscapes.

Solar, Water, and Environmental Engineers

Solar engineers are responsible for the planning, designing, an implementation of solar energy projects. They usually work in offices as well as at job sites. Water engineers focus on water quality and water conservation, and find ways to use water most efficiently. Common responsibilities for environmental engineers include wastewater treatment, cleanup of contaminated sites and state and federal regulation compliance work.

Science and Protection Technicians

Technicians monitor the environment and typically work in teams with scientists, engineers and other technicians. They measure pollution, inspect businesses for environmental hazards, and conduct tests on environmental samples.

Corporate Sustainability Professionals

Companies are starting to hire sustainability professionals to help them be more responsible when it comes to environmental practices and being sustainable corporate citizens.

The U.S. continues to invest in clean energy. A study done by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Sustainable Energy in America - 2016 Factbook, shows the investments from 2004 to 2015.

Want help getting a green job? Try boosting your resume with some green experiences by bringing sustainable practices to your current workplace. Here are a few ways you can start being more green if you don't work for a green corporation:

  • Start a recycling program at your company.

  • Start a gardening club.

  • Plant flowers or trees nearby.

  • Volunteer with other coworkers at nonprofits that work on green projects and initiatives.

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