Candy, costumes, and mischief galore!

From trading the sweet spoils of the night as a child to dressing up as a sexy [insert anything here] in college, Halloween has always been a holiday favorite. But now things have changed, you're a professional in the working world.

While your office may have Friday beers and keep things generally casual, Halloween provides the opportunity for a fine line to be crossed in the workplace, if you catch our drift. So how can you still enjoy your corporate Halloween party to the fullest while staying professional? We have five tips you'll want to keep in mind. 

1. Get into the holiday spirit. 

No one likes a party pooper, just be sure to err on the side of PG rather than R-rated. Think fun and clever rather than sexy and provocative. Your reputation will thank you.

2. Indulge in moderation. 

Are there fall-flavored alcoholic drinks in attendance? While that pumpkin beer may taste delicious with its sugar cinnamon rim, keep moderation in mind. Instead of going for that 3rd or 4th beer, opt for a handful of candy corn.

3. Stay on task. 

Don't forget that it's still a regular workday. You may feel silly and distracted by your coworkers' costumes, but don't ignore your responsibilities. Stay focused, we believe in you!

4. Capitalize on networking opportunities. 

Take this opportunity to mingle and get to know your coworkers. A casual, fun situation is the perfect time to get to know their hobbies and personalities a bit better. Just don't take things too far and be sure to steer clear of invasive personal questions.

5. Help clean up. 

You may not have been a part of the planning committee, but you'll be sure to win office points for your efforts.

If you keep your office's corporate culture in mind and practice moderation with a side of festive indulgence, you'll be sure to Halloween like a boss.

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