Every business needs space, equipment and style. Each office represents the values, mindset and future goals of the company. That's why large corporations – such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft – spend billions creating brand identity through some of the coolest office spaces. Companies also seem to be paying much more attention to their staff and work environment, so that they can really get the most out of them and be known as some of the best workplaces in the world.

Selgas Cano – Madrid

The coolest office spaces aren't always about size. Some of the fastest growing companies learned to use what they have to grow on. Selgas Cano used its resources wisely. Half of the corporation's Madrid office is located underground, optimizing the vast amount of unused space most companies overlook. The other half overlooks peaceful scenery in the forest. Team members are at ease and stress-free when they peer out the giant glass windows and see woodland creatures drinking natural spring water from a pond. The office was designed by Iwan Baan.

Google – Zurich

Stock markets and experts from all walks recognize Google as the fastest growing company in the world. The once technological-oriented company now has its paws, or servers, in every market imaginable, including communication, natural energy, startup investment, internet, cell phone service, computer hardware and software, IT, business solutions, etc. This list is endless. The company accredits its success to team member's productivity. Google put a lot of time and money into making the coolest office spaces, mixing business with pleasure. Google's Zurich office has kitchens around every corner, a cafeteria with five star meals, spas, shopping and a bank. Team members looking for more peace and quiet find tranquility in the office's aquarium and library.

AOL – Palo Alto, California

AOL takes a more direct approach. The company lost much of its earnings when Google conquered the internet. It's no secret AOL isn't the company it once was, but with the purchase of two major news venues, the corporation recycled its mission and started fresh. To add to this fresh overhaul, AOL recently invested in a major redesign of its California HQ, giving it one of the coolest office spaces. The new location reduced standard, bland cubicle formulas and replaced them with new, inspired ideas. The open spaces, bright colors and removal of most walls helps team members focus on collaboration. They literally broke down the walls blocking communication. The design includes large kitchens, relaxation areas, pool tables, games rooms and state-of-the-art work spaces.

Facebook – Palo Alto, California

Like Google, Facebook rode into town on its giant steed and conquered social media. The once college-orientated social platform now boasts millions of users from across the globe. Experts attribute Facebook's growing connection to international cultures to their vision. Like its less than customary technology solutions, Facebook designed its office space with innovative perfection. Facebook used its own software to conduct polls and asked each team member what they wanted in their office space. The result was a superb work environment with big open spaces, relaxation center, skating and DJ areas.

Lego – Denmark

While relaxation and adult fun has its place in the workforce, Lego is a little more immature. Its team members prefer to play all day. As the designer of one of the most popular and oldest toys in the world, Lego strives to keep the children first in its vision. The company's design revolves around playtime and recreation. The corporation's coolest office spaces are colorful and airy workspaces designed to encourage interaction and play between teams. The focus on playrooms stimulates the imagination and helps staff create new, exciting plans for box sets.

Google, AOL, Facebook, Lego and Selgas spend millions each year to supplement office spaces, upgrade software, update technology and optimize workspace. Why? Working conditions have a direct link to productivity and the bottom line, and these factors help put them on the list of the best workplaces. Yes, these companies care about their team members' well-being, but they care about the company's well-being too. Happy team members leave work each day happy. The next day they return energetic and ready to tackle the company's biggest problems. Next time you're looking for a new job, remember the coolest office spaces. The difference may be boring cubicles or ping pong tournaments.

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